That 70 dress continues…

Finally I am able to showcase this fun dress…¬†

This dress is available on my Etsy store ( Or, email me directly if you are interested


I added a belt to give me shape, but it would go great with or with out.

vintage dresses 127.jpg

Because this dress is very bohemian, I added a flower just to complete the look ūüėČ

vintage dresses  087.jpg

Just a freaking adorable dress!!

vintage dresses a70 dress122.jpg


Why are we so obsessed with shoes? like seriously? I can spend hours perusing websites, stores, vintage shops and looking at shoes. Admiring the design, the quality of the leather and then thinking, how long can I walk in these?

Throughout my 20’s, I only wore high heels, it was unthinkable to wear flats. But, like anything, things change and the stamina that I had in my 20’s is diminishing. Trust me, I still love a good pair of heels and wear them often, however, flats are a welcome relieve.

I have accumulated several through out the years. The beauty of shoes, is that they always come back in style. A certain style goes away for a few years and then it comes back again. 

How about you? Are flats welcome in your closet?

I need to make room for more! and these are the ones up for sale, if you love designer and are size 4.5-5.5, check these out!

These are perfect for this hot summer…

shoes for instagram 003 green

Going out or to the office?

These boots I purchase but are too small, they are 4.5 size. Ferragamo. Exquisite!

ferragamo 062

And these flats… No words!

lanvin Collage

All these shoes are available on my ebay store… or email me directly at!


I am nostalgic for “the good old times” as they say…¬†specially when it comes to clothes. We live in such a fast world that clothing is not made the same way. Even if you go to any vintage shop, goodwill or second hand store, most of the clothes ¬†that you find are from H&M, Forever 21 or any of those big brands that make clothes to satisfy the masses. that is why ladies, it’s getting harder and harder to find true vintage.

When I found this fun 1950’s dress I just couldn’t leave it. It’s simple, clean, and ¬†classic! My favorite part is that its a solid color and you can totally use for any season, if you style it correctly.¬†

This is a very petite size, I thought that I could loose weight and totally fit into it. Of course that is not happening and it’s time to send it to a new home!

Betsy Johnson and tan vintage dress 074.JPG

a closer look, I love the pleaded detail:

Betsy Johnson and tan vintage dress 068.JPG

vintage dress insta.jpg

check these styles for the 50’s.

1950's fashion

vintage dresses.png

For more details, this beautiful dress is available on my Etsy store! or email me at

What is your favorite fashion era?



Baby it’s hot outside!

The heatwave is HERE! It was so hot today I was able to venture out for a run around 8:30 pm. My poor dog was dying too.. 

I had previously put up a post about this fun Tory Burch Tunic. It’s up on my ebay store again… I had to remind you guys because this is perfect for summer! The material is linen, the print is super fun ¬†and I love the details around the collar and sleeves. It’s perfect for the beach!

check it out: 

-tory burch 071 1

The details around the sleeves and collar are exquisite!

tory burch 1 closet up

for more details please check out my ebay store or email me at

The Perfect Vintage Jumpsuit

I don’t own many jumpsuits, I think it’s hard to find the perfect one. It really has to accentuate the right parts of your body; It’s one piece of fabric that has to fit perfect on all the¬†right parts. So,understandably it’s hard to find the right one.¬†

I found these two vintage suits that are freaking adorable.

This (surprise, surprise) polka dot is prefect for the TALL girl! It’s very long, and although I wanted to keep it for myself, I don’t feel comfortable cutting a vintage piece.¬†Why destroy a beautiful piece?¬†

Look at the white detailing around the collar and sleeves.

polka dot ebay 014 close up

It has a zipper at the front and attached belt to accentuate the waist.

polka dot ebay 022 bottom

Full Look…

polka dot ebay 0221.jpg

This black and white suit ¬†is also very adorable and it’s a great for a petite girl like myself. I added a belt for more definition to the waist. But it looks great with out it too.

white black vintage 026 vintage.jpg

It does need some TLC as it has a some small holes around the front area. But they are very small and it can be fixed. If you look at the pictures, they are not visible. I love the white detail at the front which gives it the tuxedo look. Super chic!

white black vintage 023 vintage.jpg

and classy.

white black vintage 032 vintage.jpg

And the Jumpsuit doesn’t go out out of style, these are 2016 models. The pattern changes but the concept is the same…


These two beautiful pieces are available on my ETSY store. Don’t miss out!

Taylor Gossip!

Did you guys hear? Taylor Swift has a new “boyfriend”! (gasp)

For the record, I am not a huge Taylor Swift fan. I love some of her songs and I totally respect her for managing her career with respect and intelligence. 

But it’s difficult to ignore it when it’s all over social media. You really can’t ignore it… unless you are a hermit.¬†

Either way. Each break up is different for everyone. But I do see a patter with her (duh) and that is that she moves on fairly quickly! I  know, the girl is gorgeous, so who would resist her? But come on, not even a month? two months? Time to grieve, reset yourself and then move on? So many questions! 

Ok, those are my two cents on this. I am no love expert and God knows relationships are hard! So, Taylor. You do you and let the world talk. 


When it just not your style

A while back I purchase this Miss O by Oscar de la Renta crop top because I thought I could totally rock a crop top! You know how you get these ideas in your head and those fashion bloggers who have tiny waist and flat tummies and think that that could be you too as well? 

Isn’t it cute??

miss dior 036 logo.jpg

But, this blouse sat on my closet for 5 years. Yes, you heard right. And although it fit at one point, I could not bring myself to wear it in public. But I sure did love¬†the detailing and who doesn’t love the feeling of silk on their body?¬†

I recently tried it¬†again and it fits a bit tight. So, I knew it was time to let it go for good. Sometimes when it’s not your style, it is not your style.

Here are some pictures, don’t mind my belly ūüôā

So this is up on my etsy store for your purchase! or email me if you have questions:

Vintage Blouse

I bought this beautiful peach color blouse a while ago at a vintage shop. I thought the sleeves were  too puffy, but once I tried it on, it turns out that it fit perfectly! I also adored the crochet details around the neck and sleeves.

kate spade peach blouse 014.JPG

I was obsessed with this blouse! Some vintage pieces are not easy to style or you have to fix it to make it fit your body, especially if you are petite like me. Not this time! the length and fit was perfect!

And of course, it looks great with jeans!

peach blouse 093.jpg

You can also add a vest! 

-peach blouse 076.jpg

OR not!

-peach blouse 074

This blouse is in vintage condition but still has a couple more years on it if properly taken care of.

Email me if you have any questions!

Do you have a favorite vintage piece?

You can purchase this blouse and handbag as well! Both available on my Etsy store:


Alice and Olivia Ballerina dress

Happy Friday ladies! Men too, but I don’t think a lot of guys would read this.

Either way, summer is here and I am doing a clearance. this beautiful Alice and Olivia dress has been reduced! $34.00!

Just look at it, I love the ballerina skirt, the material, the beautiful blush color!! I can go on and on and on… Why am I not keeping this dress you ask? well, the upper ladies. They are a bit too big or should I say the dress is a bit too small? But, I feel that it takes away from the the dress. I don’t wan the focus to be on my breast! The dress is beautiful enough to grab attention. There is something romantic about it….

shorts white dress ebay 053.JPG

Alice and Olivia 039

alice and olivia instagram

alice and olivia dress vintage blouse 102


check it out on my ebay store or email at !

It truly is a fun and beautiful dress, perfect for summer~

Get creative

I think the common theme that you will see on my postings are polka dots. Yes, I purchase anything that is cute, well made and vintage! Even when it doesn’t really fit.

Check this beautiful long coat from JUSTINTHYME. I had to buy it of course because of the polka dots! Unfortunately it fits big on me and to top it off, it had shoulder pads! So I took them off and got a bit creative.

You can wrap it around, this is size 10, an use it as a dress. I am size 4. It looks great though, just add a belt and it transforms! Anytime that fits big could be fixed with a belt.

vintage polka dot

Because I am short, the coat hits above the knee and it makes me look taller!

polka dot coat Collage - Copy


Or you can use it as it was intended to be used, as a coat ūüôā

I am sure it will look better as a coat on someone that is taller than 5 ft ūüėČ

polka dot back Collage

check it out on my ETSY store! or email me @