Prints are still in!

Prints are still in! But, when were they gone, really?

I Love prints! And I really do wish I could wear them more often withouth feeling like a clown… it can be hard! But don’t worry… there are some rules we can follow and it will all be ok.

So, here are my tips:

Coordinate the color- your top and bottom, even if they are a different print.

prints 017 edit prints 024 edit

Black and white is still in! I don’t care what anyone says:

015 edit

Find a solid color to match with your crazy bottom piece:

shoes 010 editshoes 011 edit

AND find a fun pair of shoes:

shoes 005 edit

Prints and Jeans are a great combination!

marc jacobs 030 edit

Have some fun!

Pants and top: Halogen

Skirt: Tory Burch- on sale on eBay

Shoes: Coach

Sweater: Theory

Red Top: Marc Jacobs- on sale on Ebay!


Now, go and raid your closet. I am sure you have prints tucked away.

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