When you are bored…

If there is anything that I hate the most, is: boredom. So we decided to venture to Ensenada. A charming town two hours away from San Diego. Granted,  it’s only 2 hours away but it’s an entire world away and I couldn’t be happier!

The essentials:

smal handbag, umbrella and pashmina

The necessary hat was essential as well, I thought this was super cute on this girl.  In here, we are waiting for fish tostadas. Apparently, they are legendary in this little corner.

ensenada 013 edit

Exploring the shops and town:

ensenada 021 edit ensenada 028 edit ensenada 033 edit ensenada 036 edit ensenada 048 edit

The necessary selfie on a boat ride.

ensenada 062 edit

Yes, it was freaking hot!

Yes, it was freaking hot!  

ensenada 080  edit ensenada 089 ensenada 099 ensenada 101

I was waiting for my raspado.. which is similar to ice-cream, but I truly believe it’s healthier since it was lemon or tamarindo mixed with ice.

ensenada 104 ensenada 106 edit ensenada 115 edit

You need to eat fish tacos, of course!

ensenada 141

We visited the local brewery- Some of their beers can be found at Puesto, here in San Diego.

ensenada 144 edit ensenada 149 ensenada 156 edit ensenada 161 edit ensenada 163

this is an entire day experience. I’am hooked and we will definitely be back!

What are you waiting for? go explore!

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