White Obsessed

Did I shared that I LOVE white? It has become an obsession, my go-to outfit has been a white shirt paired with jeans or white pants. There is something clean and crisp about wearing white.. today this was my fave:

White shirt and white pants

Although it has been been blazing hot in CA, the cardigan and scarf are very light and fresh.

obsessed with white 018 edit obsessed with white 009 editobsessed with white 006 edit

I color coordinated my shoes… and only wore a pearl necklace, my go-to favorite piece of jewelry.

obsessed with white 030 edit obsessed with white 035 shoes

What is your go-to outfit?

Cardigan: Charlotte Tarantola Anthropologie

This is available for purchase on my ebay store: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Charlotte-Tarantola-Anthropologie-rare-floral-long-Elodie-Lily-Cardigan-XL-/252094332751?hash=item3ab1fe3f4f

Pants: Paul & Joe

Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

Shirt and scarff: no label

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