Say YES to the undershirt

I like to have fun with fashion, but sometimes it doesn’t translate to what I want.

Here is the story:

While in Washington DC I wanted to be adventurist. the weather was super nice -not too cold and not too hot- It was museums day, so I decided to wear this oversize sheer top and no undershirt. Just my bra. Yes, you heard right. I was a bit uncomfortable from the get-go but I wanted to do it,  plus you see this all the times on television shows (Sex and the City). Why not try it?

IMG_5737 edit 2IMG_5739 edit

Then, at the museums, I saw heads turning , and to make matters worse, I didn’t carry a pashmina, which usually makes me feel more comfortable. I could have used it to cover my breast area. Either way, I had to ignore the stares and pull through with confidence. It was hard.  I was very uncomfortable all  day and this made me realize that just because “it looks cool” it doesn’t always work. At least not for me. Wearing an undershirt would have solved the problem, I loved my outfit otherwise.

Ladies, TRUST your instincts. Fashion is about making you feel better, comfortable and confident.

This time I got it wrong. Here is a closer look:

 IMG_5743 edit

Caprice pants: Cookie Johnson

Shirt: Free People

Oxfords: Coach

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