Stopover in Riobamba to Ride a Phantom Train




Author’s note:

It’s been a solid 6 1/2 months since my last update on this story. I can’t come up with anything other than procrastination & prioritization as being the 2 key elements keeping me from putting the pen to the paper and stepping back into the ethereal experience that I so longingly crave to dwell within.  Life in a city can and will often come at you just a hair under the actual speed of light, making it extraordinarily tough to sit back, take a deep breath of air, and watch the memories come flooding back into your soul.  Too much time passing by can make the synapses a little dusty, and almost too hard to reach.  I consider myself lucky that something, somewhere within my being is forged with an infatuation for photography.  This feeling drove me to use my camera every day while we were constantly wandering…

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