A couple weeks ago I posted a blog on the simplicity of wearing a slip-on dress and I wore an oversize green cargo jacket ( I copied Jessica Alba’s look). Remember?

the slip 037 edit jessica-alba-The-Great-Slip-Dress

Well, I realized that cargo jackets really do go with everything- skirts, dress, slip-ons, etc…

I also have a more  fitted one that I just love as well. The many pockets make it really easy not to forget your phone 😉 and as you can see it looks great with jeans. For this cool California fall weather you need something cute, light and nothing more.

marc jacobs skirt 020 edit  marc jacobs skirt 032 edit marc jacobs skirt 036 edit

What are you waiting for? go get yourself one! The selection is endless…  And for your convenience, I was browsing the internet and H&M has a sale!

cargo jacket

Check out the stars for more ideas!


So yes ladies, this is a MUST in your closet.

Jacket: Caslon

Top:  Marc Jacobs- available on sale on my ebay store:

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