‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold

yup, just like the song says… and if you live in CA, you know that this is true. Lately, it’s been hot and cold, and then hot again… and it seems like our weather can’t make up its mind! So, I found a wonderful solution… knits!

You heard right, I am totally OBSESSED with knit tops,and let me tell you why:

  1. They are totally comfortable
  2. The material is very light, when you are cold (but not too cold), it protects you, and when you are hot, there is a tiny breeze going through the holes.
  3. They are see-through but not too revealing, therefore it gives you an air of mystery.

This is one:

knit 026 knit 030 open knit 032 edit

and two:

knit 037 edit knit 038 edit knit 045 edit knit 053 edit

I highly recommend one. You will use it again and again. But warning: You do have to be careful around things as the material is delicate and it easily gets caught on anything, doors, drawers, anything that can grab a tiny hole. And last, it has to be dry cleaned!

Tops: Vince

Skirt: A.C.P: on sale on my ebay store!


Caprice pants: Alice and Olivia

Flats: Vince Camuto

Heels: Enzo Angiolini

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