Sometimes I wish we could turn back time, just like today (happy first of November!). I am very nostalgic of the past, there is something so romantic, simple and just classy. This explains my obsession with anything vintage; I get excited, just like a child on Christmas morning when I find a beautiful piece. The perfect example is the slip on dress…. my mother wears  slip-ons, and she tells me all the time “be a lady, always wear a slip-on when wearing see-through clothes”. That always stuck with me and that explains my obsessions with them.

But times change and we change with it. Now, I wear the slip-ons with no dress!  LOL

charlote 044 edit

Sometimes I do find pieces that make no sense to buy, but I just have to. Take this beautiful sweater… it’s freaking hot in CA!!

ebay 4 374 ebay 4 373

or vintage coats:

IMG_5801 edit

I guess I buy these beautiful clothes in hopes that someone else that is obsessed just like me will make good use of them- or that at some point I will wear them at the right time.

Do you have a favorite vintage piece/obsession?

Slip on Dress on sale on my ebay store:


Beautiful Vintage sweater on my ebay store as well:


Coat: vintage (that I keep)

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