The White Long Sleeve Makes a Reapperance

As much as I love fashion, sometimes is hard to keep updating my wardrobe. That is why I keep implementing the same pieces and use them in different ways. I have a 9-5- and i have to be creative.

Take this beautiful white long sleeve. I have previously made a blog on the white long sleeve shirt titled:  “Long Sleeve Power”, and I can’t seem to get enough! I have used this silk blouse for professional meetings and mixers…

Pearls are my best friend

But what about when I want to have a little bit of fun? Yes, I can take it from day-to-night- I used to hate silk by the way. It’s easily stained and has to be dry cleaned. Well, i guess my taste has change because I LOVE silk and you should too! It’s classy, simple and soft.

betsy johnson 017editbetsy johnson 065 edit

This  fun dress needed a bit of cover- up- this blouse is perfect!

betsy johnson 096 edit betsy johnson 107 betsy johnson 122save

So go and use the clothes that you already have. Be creative- it can save you a bit of money too 🙂

Dress: Betsy Johnson – avail on my ebay store:

Shoes: Enzo Angiolini

White Blouse: Theory

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