The Shoe Problem

The older I get, the more flats I wear.. I knew this day was bound to happen. Between my 20-30’s, I wore heels every single day (I am not kidding). I remember being super tired after a long day, rubbing my aching feet and putting them in hot hotter for relaxation,  but there was no way I was giving up my heels. Ahhhh, those good old days.

Don’t get me wrong, I have not given heels up entirely. Are you kidding me? they are awesome, make my legs look great and I feel taller! They are still part of my wardrobe, but now in smaller doses.

Because of my small size ( I am size 5) I had a very difficult time finding shoes that fit perfectly and were cute, therefore I made many purchases that were careless and on impulse.  Even if the shoe didn’t fit right, I would buy it. My though was: “they look cute, I can squeeze in or I can stuff them with cotton. I’ll make it work”. Well, that didn’t work out too good for my feet. Finally I have become more choosy, and if the shoe is not right I fight with all my strength to fight my shopping feeling and not buy them. I have to undo what I was allowed to do to myself for so many years.

Has anyone else had this problem? If you have, don’t feel bad about it. With age comes experience.

What’s your favorite shoe brand?

So here we go… If you are my size, feel free to check them out on my eBay store:

TFParisian: //

uuuughh… doesn’t love PRADA? These are so beautiful it pains me to let them go. But it was an impulse purchase. The fit a bit too tight (4.5).

These Jcrew fit a lot better… but I am going for solid colors now. Super cute for the outgoing girls! Made in Italy y’all!

jcrew shoes

I wore these a few times, but again, these are 5.5 and I just have to admit I am size 5. Super cute for summer!

collage 2

can you tell I am obsessed with red??? Made in France! a bit too high for me.

2 thoughts on “The Shoe Problem

  1. Oh that last pair are beautiful. So are the Pradas. A US5 is kinda challenging to wear super high heels. I have the opposite problem which is why I prefer British designers who make their lasts more generously. I expect you may get on well with a designer such as Roger Vivier, classic styles which aren’t insane to wear but look very appealing.


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