Summer is here!

Today was the hottest day so far. Yup, ladies, summer is here. 

It’s time to put away all those boots, jackets, coats and scarfs and get ready for dressing up for this weather! It’s both exciting because I can finally wear my sandals and show off my pedicure but I also love cold weather. I love the romanticism of it. Being able to be warm, with coffee on hand and somehow feeling fresh all the time. 

I do have some suggestions for you though… shorts!

I love these Derek Lam shorts because you can dress them UP or dress them down. I love the pattern too!

shorts for blog 1.jpg

Flowery prints are back or should I say they never go out of style? This Dolce and Gabana blouse is fresh and although is long sleeve the material is sheer enough for summer. Of course, pink sunglasses are always in 😉

blog D&G blouse 012

and I have a beautiful fun vintage Gucci mini skirt. I love this skirt because it’s not “trashy”.It’s fun and even classy. 

versace skirt 101.jpg

Let’s welcome summer with fun fashion! go and take out your guarded pieces out of your closet and go wild.

If you are interested in any of these pieces, check out my ebay store or email me to:




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