So, I buy things because: 1. They are really beautiful 2. They were on sale 3. It looked good at the time.

This beautiful skirt was purchase #3. when I tried this skirt, it looked great, felt great and it’s boho chic. But, after a few months of having it in my closet I couldn’t bear myself to wear it. I am not in my 20’s anymore and I do have keep a certain level of professionalism therefore wearing this skirt counter some things. I am not saying that I dress like an old lady, but somehow with this particular piece it didn’t feel right, although it looks great!

judge for yourself 🙂

It has fringe AND lace detailing… super fun!

black and white free people skirt on 013

you can match it some cute espadrilles… 

insta gram free people skirt on 022

Final full look:

blog  free people skirt on 012.jpg

If you LOVE this piece (and shoes),and must add a boho chic piece to your closet , email me or check out my eBay store:

skirt: Free People

Shoes: Steve Madden

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