A women of Substance

I want to share this book with all of you. I just finished it last night, it was endless hours of wanting to know more, not sleeping my full 8 hours and thinking about it every waking moment! Yes, a book can have that much impact on me.

I have several books that I love and this has been added to the list. I love that the heroine (Emma Harte) of this book is not waiting for prince charming to come to rescue her. I love that that she had to carve her own way to success and that she wasn’t ashamed of owning it! I can go on and on … but I invite you to read it for yourself.

Warning- it is long and sometimes it can get a bit tedious. Towards the end, I found myself thinking “do I really need to know about another war?” but overall, I did find it feminist and romance was not all there was to her.



I am willing to mail this book to anyone that is interested. I love reading ACTUAL books, although the kindle is not bad at all…. but if you want and are willing to pay for shipping, I will be more than happy to send it out to you.

Book: A women of Substance

Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford

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