The Shadow of the Wind

So, I was recommended this book by my co-worker. I had just finished A Women of Substance and was looking for something more uplifting. My co-worker heard that this book was great and was about to read it herself and said I should give it a try.

book insta.jpg

O.M.G. It’s the best book I have read this year. It’s funny, entertaining, full of mystery (and I don’t like mysteries) and it made me want to travel to Barcelona like RIGHT NOW! I also got  super attached to one of the characters, Fermin. Every time I picked where I had left up,  I knew Fermin would say something clever, funny, it’like I knew him, or at least I wish I will someday meet someone like him. 

If you are looking for a great book, I hope you pick this one. My co-worker and I would spend morning breaks discussing every detail (after I started, I told her she needed to read it). What’s more, she is from Spain and told me that she knows each street that this book described. She even gave me details about the places that this book talks about, which I will share with you now (no spoilers):

Calle Santa Anna (Where the book store is)


Plaza Real (where Clara lives)


The Montjuich castle 


Tibidabo and the city below


Avenida Tibidabo, (where the abandoned house is)

image005 (1)

Old part of the City where Daniel lives


The University where Daniel meets Bea in the interior Cloister (in L’Eixample)


Plaza de Catalunya


Plaza Felip Neri (by Nuria’s house)- what you see on the walls are bullets from the war.



Els Quatre Gats café (still there)


Yes, I fell in love with this book. I hope that everyone that reads it, enjoys it as much as I did.


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