Is it a skirt? is it shorts? what the hell is this?? 

The word “Culottes” is derived from the french and it means, panties, trousers, knickers…  and in the English army they were commonly used with high socks or knee boots.


According to the dictionary, culottes are:women’s knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt. And yes, they can be a bit hard to pulled off but it’s totally doable! remember, it’s fashion! 


When you are petite like me, heels are a MUST! Yes, they can be worn with flats, but the length must be just below the knee.

These MaxMara are PERFECT for summer!

maxmara culottes

I paired them with a very fun blouse- made in France- course 😉

maxmara culottes 022.jpg

so go raid your mom’s closet! maybe she has some in storage or I have the MaxMara up on my ebay store! They fit a bit big on me and are brand new!

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