Polka Dots always in!

Polka dots really don’t go out of style. They make their way back every time. I have written about this in the past, because yes, I am obsessed with anything polka dots. There is something girly, yet classic about polka dots clothing- at least that is my belief. 

Case and point:

This skirt is vintage and I bought it thinking that I could fix it- it fits big on me. But, after further consideration, I decided that I didn’t want to ruin a fun skirt. 

skirt 107.JPG

I also have this beautiful polka dot jumpsuit that is super fun- but again, its too long for my small body. This is perfect for a tall gal. 

polka dot ebay 0221.jpg

On the other hand, I bought this DVF dress because of course, polka dots, but it fit me a bit tight. Thinking that I could lose a pound or two, I was able to fit into it but my breast were pouring out! not very classy. And there is no point of covering myself, what is the point of wearing a fun summer dress?

DVF polka dot dress 008 ebay.jpg

for more information or if you are interested in any of these pieces email me at tfparisian@gmail.com

They are also up on my ebay and Etsy store!




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