It’s a handbag

Hello Friends! It was a hectic week, I had very little time to play with my blog. But here I am… Relaxing and ready to share!

First of all, did you all know that the proper term to use when referring to your beautiful, expensive purses is “handbag”? Yup, I learned this a while ago and it took me some time to use that term because I would just say “where is my bag?”, “can I see that bag please?”. There are also satchels, clutches, hobo, tote… so many!  But I feel that ” handbag” it’s easier to remember and it makes you sound like a fashionista, specially when shopping, because come on, our handbags are like a guys car. You know when you see a good one!

I love all, designer, vintage… handbags now days are very well made, therefore, you can get a good one if you look for it.

I have these two beautiful vintage ones that I just love, love… It’s saddens me to let them go but I need to make space for more!

This beautiful white designer vintage handbag is just soooo cute and very handy. This is perfect when going out on the town or a nice restaurant and you need something small to hold your lipstick, cell phone , etc…

vintage handbag 017

Although it’s petite it’s very spacious!

vintage white handbag Collage

For every day use, this vintage Dooney and Burke is a must! I am amazed of how well it’s made, the details are my favorite! ( I will be adding this to my store tomorrow)

vintage handbags and polka dots  coat 015.JPG

The inside of the bag is leather lined!

vintage handbag Collage

This is the back :

vintage handbags and polka dots  coat 008

So check them out or email me if you have any questions!

Do you girls have a favorite designer? Please share!

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