Fancy perfumes

As I have gotten older, my taste in perfumes has changed. Chanel is still one of my favorites, but within the last few years,  I have gravitated towards more floral scents. These two brands are my FAVORITE!


The floral scents and beautiful design makes me feel like I am somewhere in the French Riviera. I don’t have a favorite one because there are so many scents I want them all!


Jo Malone 

This is another one that I love, love, love! The scents are fresh and are perfect for spring. Again, I don’t have a favorite one but all of their scents are so good!



This is another high end brand and because they are also unique scents, I wanted to add it to my collection. The smell,unfortunately, didn’t work for me because for some reason my allergies went crazy. But the fact that I was able to hold a bottle and smell it, was amazing. I won’t give up on finding a Byredo scent that works for me. I read how it all got started on Vanity Fair… very interesting, I thought Byredo was in the market for quite some time but it turns out that it’s relatively new. Wow!

Here is the article:


This is now available on my ebay store… check it out!

Do you guys have any recommendations? 

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