Get creative

I think the common theme that you will see on my postings are polka dots. Yes, I purchase anything that is cute, well made and vintage! Even when it doesn’t really fit.

Check this beautiful long coat from JUSTINTHYME. I had to buy it of course because of the polka dots! Unfortunately it fits big on me and to top it off, it had shoulder pads! So I took them off and got a bit creative.

You can wrap it around, this is size 10, an use it as a dress. I am size 4. It looks great though, just add a belt and it transforms! Anytime that fits big could be fixed with a belt.

vintage polka dot

Because I am short, the coat hits above the knee and it makes me look taller!

polka dot coat Collage - Copy


Or you can use it as it was intended to be used, as a coat 🙂

I am sure it will look better as a coat on someone that is taller than 5 ft 😉

polka dot back Collage

check it out on my ETSY store! or email me @


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