Vintage Blouse

I bought this beautiful peach color blouse a while ago at a vintage shop. I thought the sleeves were  too puffy, but once I tried it on, it turns out that it fit perfectly! I also adored the crochet details around the neck and sleeves.

kate spade peach blouse 014.JPG

I was obsessed with this blouse! Some vintage pieces are not easy to style or you have to fix it to make it fit your body, especially if you are petite like me. Not this time! the length and fit was perfect!

And of course, it looks great with jeans!

peach blouse 093.jpg

You can also add a vest! 

-peach blouse 076.jpg

OR not!

-peach blouse 074

This blouse is in vintage condition but still has a couple more years on it if properly taken care of.

Email me if you have any questions!

Do you have a favorite vintage piece?

You can purchase this blouse and handbag as well! Both available on my Etsy store:


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