Taylor Gossip!

Did you guys hear? Taylor Swift has a new “boyfriend”! (gasp)

For the record, I am not a huge Taylor Swift fan. I love some of her songs and I totally respect her for managing her career with respect and intelligence. 

But it’s difficult to ignore it when it’s all over social media. You really can’t ignore it… unless you are a hermit. 

Either way. Each break up is different for everyone. But I do see a patter with her (duh) and that is that she moves on fairly quickly! I  know, the girl is gorgeous, so who would resist her? But come on, not even a month? two months? Time to grieve, reset yourself and then move on? So many questions! 

Ok, those are my two cents on this. I am no love expert and God knows relationships are hard! So, Taylor. You do you and let the world talk. 


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