The Perfect Vintage Jumpsuit

I don’t own many jumpsuits, I think it’s hard to find the perfect one. It really has to accentuate the right parts of your body; It’s one piece of fabric that has to fit perfect on all the right parts. So,understandably it’s hard to find the right one. 

I found these two vintage suits that are freaking adorable.

This (surprise, surprise) polka dot is prefect for the TALL girl! It’s very long, and although I wanted to keep it for myself, I don’t feel comfortable cutting a vintage piece. Why destroy a beautiful piece? 

Look at the white detailing around the collar and sleeves.

polka dot ebay 014 close up

It has a zipper at the front and attached belt to accentuate the waist.

polka dot ebay 022 bottom

Full Look…

polka dot ebay 0221.jpg

This black and white suit  is also very adorable and it’s a great for a petite girl like myself. I added a belt for more definition to the waist. But it looks great with out it too.

white black vintage 026 vintage.jpg

It does need some TLC as it has a some small holes around the front area. But they are very small and it can be fixed. If you look at the pictures, they are not visible. I love the white detail at the front which gives it the tuxedo look. Super chic!

white black vintage 023 vintage.jpg

and classy.

white black vintage 032 vintage.jpg

And the Jumpsuit doesn’t go out out of style, these are 2016 models. The pattern changes but the concept is the same…


These two beautiful pieces are available on my ETSY store. Don’t miss out!

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