I am nostalgic for “the good old times” as they say… specially when it comes to clothes. We live in such a fast world that clothing is not made the same way. Even if you go to any vintage shop, goodwill or second hand store, most of the clothes  that you find are from H&M, Forever 21 or any of those big brands that make clothes to satisfy the masses. that is why ladies, it’s getting harder and harder to find true vintage.

When I found this fun 1950’s dress I just couldn’t leave it. It’s simple, clean, and  classic! My favorite part is that its a solid color and you can totally use for any season, if you style it correctly. 

This is a very petite size, I thought that I could loose weight and totally fit into it. Of course that is not happening and it’s time to send it to a new home!

Betsy Johnson and tan vintage dress 074.JPG

a closer look, I love the pleaded detail:

Betsy Johnson and tan vintage dress 068.JPG

vintage dress insta.jpg

check these styles for the 50’s.

1950's fashion

vintage dresses.png

For more details, this beautiful dress is available on my Etsy store! or email me at tfparisian@gmail.com.


What is your favorite fashion era?



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