Why are we so obsessed with shoes? like seriously? I can spend hours perusing websites, stores, vintage shops and looking at shoes. Admiring the design, the quality of the leather and then thinking, how long can I walk in these?

Throughout my 20’s, I only wore high heels, it was unthinkable to wear flats. But, like anything, things change and the stamina that I had in my 20’s is diminishing. Trust me, I still love a good pair of heels and wear them often, however, flats are a welcome relieve.

I have accumulated several through out the years. The beauty of shoes, is that they always come back in style. A certain style goes away for a few years and then it comes back again. 

How about you? Are flats welcome in your closet?

I need to make room for more! and these are the ones up for sale, if you love designer and are size 4.5-5.5, check these out!

These are perfect for this hot summer…

shoes for instagram 003 green

Going out or to the office?

These boots I purchase but are too small, they are 4.5 size. Ferragamo. Exquisite!

ferragamo 062

And these flats… No words!

lanvin Collage

All these shoes are available on my ebay store… or email me directly at!

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