The Biggest Compliment

Selling can be very hard, people have different interest and likes. So when someone buys something from you, your heart skips a beat and you feel excited and elated by the fact that your pieces are being looked at in the first place. Today was such a day. My good friend Chayo purchase two items out of my Etsy store. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited and honored. It’s a bit different when the people that know you take an interest in your items… It’s like a badge of honor. 

These are the two items that were purchased: a vintage Paloma Picasso handbag and a polka dot skirt ( did I tell you I am obsessed with Polka dots?)

chayo  Collage.jpg

I asked her to send me pictures. and this is what I got:

Both pieces were meant for her!


can I purchase my items back?? 😉

Thank you Chayo! 

For more awesome items, please check out my Etsy store (for vintage) and my Ebay  as well.


Fancy perfumes

As I have gotten older, my taste in perfumes has changed. Chanel is still one of my favorites, but within the last few years,  I have gravitated towards more floral scents. These two brands are my FAVORITE!


The floral scents and beautiful design makes me feel like I am somewhere in the French Riviera. I don’t have a favorite one because there are so many scents I want them all!


Jo Malone 

This is another one that I love, love, love! The scents are fresh and are perfect for spring. Again, I don’t have a favorite one but all of their scents are so good!



This is another high end brand and because they are also unique scents, I wanted to add it to my collection. The smell,unfortunately, didn’t work for me because for some reason my allergies went crazy. But the fact that I was able to hold a bottle and smell it, was amazing. I won’t give up on finding a Byredo scent that works for me. I read how it all got started on Vanity Fair… very interesting, I thought Byredo was in the market for quite some time but it turns out that it’s relatively new. Wow!

Here is the article:


This is now available on my ebay store… check it out!

Do you guys have any recommendations? 

It’s a handbag

Hello Friends! It was a hectic week, I had very little time to play with my blog. But here I am… Relaxing and ready to share!

First of all, did you all know that the proper term to use when referring to your beautiful, expensive purses is “handbag”? Yup, I learned this a while ago and it took me some time to use that term because I would just say “where is my bag?”, “can I see that bag please?”. There are also satchels, clutches, hobo, tote… so many!  But I feel that ” handbag” it’s easier to remember and it makes you sound like a fashionista, specially when shopping, because come on, our handbags are like a guys car. You know when you see a good one!

I love all, designer, vintage… handbags now days are very well made, therefore, you can get a good one if you look for it.

I have these two beautiful vintage ones that I just love, love… It’s saddens me to let them go but I need to make space for more!

This beautiful white designer vintage handbag is just soooo cute and very handy. This is perfect when going out on the town or a nice restaurant and you need something small to hold your lipstick, cell phone , etc…

vintage handbag 017

Although it’s petite it’s very spacious!

vintage white handbag Collage

For every day use, this vintage Dooney and Burke is a must! I am amazed of how well it’s made, the details are my favorite! ( I will be adding this to my store tomorrow)

vintage handbags and polka dots  coat 015.JPG

The inside of the bag is leather lined!

vintage handbag Collage

This is the back :

vintage handbags and polka dots  coat 008

So check them out or email me if you have any questions!

Do you girls have a favorite designer? Please share!

The Fuzzy Coat

I just wrote that I had my first sale on Etsy (super excited). It was a long beautiful coat. I have another unique, vintage coat for your perusal.. it’s up on my Etsy store!

This is true vintage 1970, with light brown colors, perfect for fall.

long coat  instagram

The material is fuzzy  and it has full lining.

long coat and versace skirt 015

long coat and versace skirt 018

If you have any questions, email me at:

or check it out on Etsy:


The Long Vintage Coat

This week was a great week (we all love those ones once in a while, right?)… I had my first sale on ETSY!!

I was excited and sad at the same time.  The sale was of a long, black, vintagle wool coat. If you don’t know, I am OBSESSED with coats, problem is, I live in CALIFORNIA! That’s right, the sunshine state where you don’t need any sort of warm wear because the sun is your coat.

 I have a hard time letting go of things. Each piece that I buy I buy it becuase it’s beautiful and it’s something I would wear, eventually. But, I have so many coats as well (yes, I still buy them, regardless) that it was time to let go of one. They do take a lot of space to store too.

But I am happy because it went to the DC area, where it gets cold and I am sure it will fit in right in with the weather.

Here is this beautiful peice:

coat ebay 2.jpg

I loved the simplicity and elegance. It was beutiful!!

coat ebay 5

But don’t cry like me over this beautiful vintage piece, I have more vintage pieces up on my ETSY store, check them out!

Polka Dots always in!

Polka dots really don’t go out of style. They make their way back every time. I have written about this in the past, because yes, I am obsessed with anything polka dots. There is something girly, yet classic about polka dots clothing- at least that is my belief. 

Case and point:

This skirt is vintage and I bought it thinking that I could fix it- it fits big on me. But, after further consideration, I decided that I didn’t want to ruin a fun skirt. 

skirt 107.JPG

I also have this beautiful polka dot jumpsuit that is super fun- but again, its too long for my small body. This is perfect for a tall gal. 

polka dot ebay 0221.jpg

On the other hand, I bought this DVF dress because of course, polka dots, but it fit me a bit tight. Thinking that I could lose a pound or two, I was able to fit into it but my breast were pouring out! not very classy. And there is no point of covering myself, what is the point of wearing a fun summer dress?

DVF polka dot dress 008 ebay.jpg

for more information or if you are interested in any of these pieces email me at

They are also up on my ebay and Etsy store!



Is it a skirt? is it shorts? what the hell is this?? 

The word “Culottes” is derived from the french and it means, panties, trousers, knickers…  and in the English army they were commonly used with high socks or knee boots.


According to the dictionary, culottes are:women’s knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt. And yes, they can be a bit hard to pulled off but it’s totally doable! remember, it’s fashion! 


When you are petite like me, heels are a MUST! Yes, they can be worn with flats, but the length must be just below the knee.

These MaxMara are PERFECT for summer!

maxmara culottes

I paired them with a very fun blouse- made in France- course 😉

maxmara culottes 022.jpg

so go raid your mom’s closet! maybe she has some in storage or I have the MaxMara up on my ebay store! They fit a bit big on me and are brand new!

more ideas:


email me if you wish:

When work sucks

We all have those difficult days at work. When you feel like the world is on top of your shoulders and everything is not going the right way.


Today was one of those for me. I just wanted to crawl under a blanket, snuggle with my dog and forget that it was a bad day. But, like any boss girl, you pick yourself up, regroup and move on. I always tell myself that it can always be worse.

Wine vs yoga

And I have been through worse.

Hope your day was better girls! remember, it does get better!

Beyoncé, Hillary, and ‘The Good Wife’: The Power of Women Scorned

First, Hillary Clinton was talking about carrying hot sauce in her bag at the same time that “I got hot sauce in my bag” became a catch phrase, thanks to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl song, “Formation.” Then Beyoncé put out an entire album, Lemonade, about enduring a husband’s cheating and eventually, if very publicly, forgiving him. Beyoncé and […]

Shoe Tuesday

I read a very interesting article on The Atlantic about the history of heels and why we wear them. I recommend that you read it. It’s very detailed and let me tell you, women will NEVER stop wearing heels. And on that note…


That is my feel when people wear crocs…

And it’s shoe galore on my ebay store.. .These beauties are up! If you wear shoe size between 5-5.5, check them out!

shoes 012 gallore.jpg

Shoes posted are: Vince, 10Crosby Derek, and Lanvin!

for any questions, email me @

Here is the article too, please read it!